Learn and enjoy playing Yu-Gi-Oh! November 22, 2020 EchoResonator 1,280 0 Comments Junk, Synchron Not really a super competitive deck, I just wanted to show that a junk deck without stardust *could* be made good. Cyberse Synchron x3 Road Synchron x1 Satellite Synchron x1 Fleur Synchron x1 Jet Synchron x1 Junk Converter x3 Junk Servant x1 Doppelwarrior x3 Caligo Claw Crow x3 Synchron Carrier x3 Quillbolt Hedgehog x1 Effect Veiler x3 Sauravis, the Ancient and … ... 1 UR, 0 SR, 17 R, and 0 N Main Deck : 20 Cards / Extra Deck : 2 Cards. This deck focuses on Summoning powerful Synchro Monsters such as Junk Destroyer and Armades, Keeper of Boundaries by taking advantage of Junk Synchron, Psychic Wheeleder and Psychic Tracker. This page notes details of Junk Synchron (DARK/Warrior/Tuner monster/Effect Monster) : decks, tips, effect and rulings. Use doppelwarrior ef here to special from hand. Are you not more innovative then Duel Links Meta? Learn and enjoy playing Yu-Gi-Oh! - Duration: 11:46. o37wolf 2,747 views. If Psychic Wheeleder is sent to the Graveyard as Synchro Material, it allows you to target a monster on the field with less ATK than the Synchro Monster you Summoned and destroy it. Join the Discord server (full access is not needed and is not granted by becoming a DLM Pro member). You want to obtain an extra Junk Synchron; Yusei’s skill gives him a Stardust Dragon and Junk … The tricky/earth ninja is good addition for the deck. I summarize Yu-Gi-Oh! Probably one of the most underrated decks, but thanks to Armades and Junk synchron now it's pretty much playable. Duel Links! 2x Trag. Main Deck : 20 Cards . Quickdraw Synchron is a lvl 5 tuner that can special summon himself by discarding another monster. can you update more expensive than this? • Use “Rush Warrior” and “Scrap Fist” to decide the Duel in an instant. Fortress warrior can replace speed warrior. Then Junk Archer began its attack … Once you have the role, click the Discord logo in the top-right of the screen and log in. 2-3x Level Eater. This deck could use an update, now that Mark of the Dragon - Head is no longer necessary. Yusei have any good skills for this deck? Duel Links community day by day to provide quality guides and the latest news. Duelist Chronicle 5Ds: Attack of the Dark Signers! Duel … เพื่อเพิ่ม Junk Synchron ในเด็ค และ Stardust dragon ใน extra deck. An alternative Junk Synchro recipe uses the Armed Dragon engine to consistently summon Junk Destroyer using 3 cards to max out it's popping effect: Great concept. If majestic dragon is in the gy already junk can summon him before synchroing into stardust letting u get MSD out on the same turn by special … Duel Links Synchro(n) Rush deck, Synchro(n) Rush in the current meta, how to use. But it doesn't have any alternate wincons... Kinda funny how Akiza is currently a better character to play the Junk Archetype than Yusei, If yusei also have a skill that begins the duel with Speed Warrior in the graveyard, then we might see slightly more yusei with junk deck. Imo, Junk deck needs to get rid of backrow removal before synchro and attack so cyclone or other removal would be better than AMA. He only appears in-game after the player claims his Character Unlock Mission reward for Summoning Wind-Attribute monsters 10 times after the player reaches Stage 10 in Duel World (DM). If your opponent destroys Geartown (or Ancient Gear Fortress), you can send Skull Meister from your hand to the Graveyard to negate its and prevent them from Summoning Ancient Gear Reactor Dragon. Join the Discord server (full access is not needed and is not granted by becoming a DLM Pro member). 0 or 2x Card Trooper. You can remove the ads and support us directly by becoming a DLM Pro member. TCG sets OCG sets Card search categories Other card information Gallery Rulings Errata Tips Appearances Trivia Lores Artworks Names External links Yugioh-Card card database: 7687 ()YuGiOh Prices And then next turn summoning majestic dragon from the hand and special jester to synchro for Majestic Star Dragon. 5Ds anime.. The Trick/Vice Dragon is put as an alternative for a … Normal Summon Psychic Tracker, Special Summon Psychic Wheeleder and Synchro Summon HTS Psyhemuth or Powered Inzektron. [Yu-Gi-Oh! Normal Summon Junk Synchron, Special Summon Psychic Tracker and Synchro Summon HTS Psyhemuth or Powered Inzektron. Junk(Synchron)Synchro Deck:NO DOPPELWARRIOR??? Toggle Deck List; Monster: Road Synchron x1. New Trap Monster Rules! The deck is really solid when it comes to consistency, but there are a few cards don’t interact with each other. This Level 5 Synchro prevents your opponent from activating cards or effects until the end of Damage Step when it attacks or is attacked. DLM Pro members will also gain access to exclusive features. Thanks to this effect, you will be able to get rid of problematic monsters such as Ancient Gear Reactor Dragon (3300 ATK under Ancient Gear Castle) or Silent Magician LV8. Yusei Fudo is a playable Legendary Duelist in Yu-Gi-Oh! 1-3x Quillbolt. This is an … This deck looks like it would give me a migrain. You say people who didn't spend a single gem or cent in the past 2 years aren't allowed... Let me see, what I have lost to recently.....ah yes, standard duelists, a vagrant with a weird un... No, no, no. Flavor purposes and all that. This page notes details of Quickdraw Synchron (WIND/Machine/Tuner monster/Effect Monster) : decks, tips, effect and rulings. If you activate Enemy Controller or Paleozoic Canadia after Armades has declared an attack, your opponent will not be able to respond to them. Junk Synchron on normal summon can bring back an Ojama, which would result in a level 5 synchro. Posted on 2020-01-03 2020-03-25 by uo1. As a thought, what about using Synchron Explorer in this deck, instead of Junk Forward? Duel Links.This is a video game depiction of Yusei Fudo, a character from the Yu-Gi-Oh! Toggle Deck List; Monster: Nine-Tailed Fox x1. ... King of Game decks [December 2020] 4. You can remove the ads and support us directly by becoming a DLM Pro member. Anime; Yu-Gi-Oh! Junk Synchron combos well with Ojamatch. Yeah, MotD - Head is pretty much obsolete now. Speeder cl 1 (special a satellite synchron, road synchron, and jet synchron) Converter cl 2 (special junk synchron) DLM Pro members will also gain access to exclusive features. Duel Links method of obtaining Junk Synchron, rarity, basic information of cards. As someone who runs Synchro decks in the TCG, it’s fun playing this in Duel Links. PvP Best decks [New Box Decklists Updated], Digital Bug: deck recipe [Pre-Built Idea], Dwarf Star Dragon Planeter | Decks and Tips, Hieratic Dragon of Tefnuit | Deck and Rulings, I want to build a team with yusei fudo and not with akiza lzinski like in his anime or his best deck on due links any tipps, I think the best Yusei's deck needs Quickdraw. Because those are pretty much the only competitive cards in the game right now, where the only strategy available is to prevent your opponent OTKing you on turn 2. I will not stand for peaceful resolutions on this here internet contraption. I'd rather run it on him than on Akiza. Hieratic Sun Dragon Overlord of Heliopolis | Deck and Rulings, Duel Links Forbidden & Limited card [Dec 2020]. One of the main tuners of the deck and the main Synchron component. Send Sangan to the Graveyard as Synchro Material or via Enemy Controller to add Psychic Wheeleder or Junk Synchron from your Deck to your hand. Thank you for visiting Duel Links wiki by GameA! Buy this pack if: You’ve unlocked Luna in the game. The Duel Links Meta website is currently supported by advertisements. April 1, 2020: Counting people in non-sheltered, outdoor locations, such as tent encampments and on the streets. 3x Tuning. Her deck will allow you to have two Ancient Fairy Dragons as her 1st skill has one automatically in the deck. Tune Warrior Tuner . Converter ef to discard it and the tuner and search junk synchron. Se questa carta Evocata Link che controlli viene distrutta in battaglia o dall'effetto di una carta dell'avversario e mandata al tuo Cimitero: puoi Evocare Specialmente 1 Mostro Synchro "Rottame" dal tuo Extra Deck. Junk synchron eff when summoned to special converter. (Questa viene considerata come una Synchro Evocazione.) But star siphon only copy lvl, not atk... Thats true, but Star Siphon turns Junk Warrior to Lvl1 so.. when Junk Warrior effect resolves, he gains his own attack being a lvl 2 or lower monster.. 15 out of 25 of these cards are UR and 9 are SR... komoney... A junk synchro deck with the only junk cards being junk synchron and junk destroyer? You can also use Skull Meister against Dino Survival’s End (Survivals End), Koa'ki Meiru (Diamond Core of Koa'ki Meiru) and Yubel Fire King (or Yubel Nephthys) (Yubel and Yubel - Terror Incarnate). Junk Forward is a worse Tracker here, and Junk Warrior's just a bad Level 5 here. In addition, it allows you to Special Summon a "Junk" monster from your Graveyard for a Synchro Summon. Please refer to the evaluation of Junk Synchron. New player guide: What packs to buy first? The Duel Links Meta website is currently supported by advertisements. Here's my new 2020 Synchro Deck using Junk Archer, Junk Destoryer, Nitro Warrior, Chevalier De Fleur, Quickdraw Synchron, Quillbolt Hedgehog, Righty Driver and more! You ... Duelist Chronicle 5D's: Earthbound Immortal & Dark Signers, Synchro Summon Guide: The Advent of Synchros in Duel Links. 1x Gorz. Daily Cash Duels, Weekly Tournaments, Monthly Championships, Top Player Discussions with Best Players in the game. This card can be a tech card to the XYZ build (in which case run at x1-3). 2 Quickdraw Synchron 3 Junk Synchron 1 Satellite Synchron 2 Effect Veiler 2 Jet Synchron 1 Unknown Synchron 2 Junk Converter 1 Synchron Explorer 3 Doppelwarrior 1 Quillbolt Hedgehog 1 Rush … 1x Foolish Burial. Junk Synchron (Duel Links) Yu-Gi-Oh! This version is more using Skyblaster and transforming it's token to become a tuner to summon Stardust. Thank you for choosing to support Duel Links Meta's development! If you Summon Junk Destroyer using Junk Synchron and Psychic Tracker, it will allow you to destroy up to two cards on the field. Getting a box fan and metal shelving from … Learn and enjoy playing Yu-Gi-Oh! This page notes details of Junk Synchron (DARK/Warrior/Tuner monster/Effect Monster) : decks, tips, effect and rulings. Duel Links! Over 7ft tall. Read more "Junk Anchor" can be used in place of "Synchron" Tuner monsters such as "Junk Synchron." 1-1-2020. If Psychic Tracker is used as Synchro Material, it increases the ATK of the Synchro Monster you Summoned by 600. New potential top tier? Obelisk the Tormentor! Vylon Prism: x1: Evilswarm Mandragora: x1: The results of these efforts, across the country, are critical. Through the use of Level Tuning/Level Augmentation, one could possibly get out consistent Synchros across various levels, with Junk and Explorer being able to constantly bring each other back. DLM Pro members will also gain access to exclusive features. Preventing you from Synchro Summoning is quite easy: all your opponent needs is a Paleozoic Canadia or a, Sangan is the easiest way to search Junk Synchron and Junk Forward, but its effect will not trigger if an Ancient Gear Reactor Dragon or an. Junk Forward x2 Junk Synchron x3 Junk Converter x3 Steam Synchron x1 Quillbolt Hedgehog x1 Dotscaper x1 Doppelwarrior x3 Satellite Synchron x2 Fleur Synchron x1 Synchron Carrier x1 Jet Synchron x2 Boost Warrior x1 Effect Veiler: x1 Spells: Performapal … It isn’t once per turn and since his special summon isn’t an ignition effect, you can use it after you search him with Sangan.The main monster to go into is Junk … I think you can remove two widespread and replace with canadia. 1x Mind Control (this is not as good as it once was) Extra Deck … Joined: Mar 5, 2015 Member: #1030 Messages: 2,542 Gender: Male First Name: Dan D Newport News Va. I believe what he meant was Do not call this deck a Junk Synchro deck. 1x One for One. We are missing a ton of support though (Glow-Up Bulb, Reborn Tengu, Doppelwarrior, Jet Synchron, Formula Synchron.) 0-1x Dark Armed Dragon. stardust dragon deck-Duel Link Skill: Mark of the Dragon – Head. 3x Junk Syncrhon. ... Fiendish Chain, and Forbidden Chalice can negate the effects of Junk Synchron or Goyo Guardian. why always canadias and armades? Normal Summon Junk Synchron, Special Summon Dark Verger from your Graveyard, Special Summon Psychic Tracker from your hand and then Synchro Summon Junk Destroyer. Deck 3: Fudo Yusei Style “Junk” + “Synchron” Deck. 3 x Junk Synchron 3 x Ojamatch 3 x Ojama Blue (Lv2) 1 x Ojama Yellow (Lv2) 2 x Armed Dragon Lv3 3 x Desynchro 3 x Cosmic Cyclone 2 x TTH Extra: Junk Destroyer + Armades Skill: KC Bling (if you have a glossy Junk Synchron or Ojamatch), or just run Draw Sense: Dark to guarantee a Junk Synchron. There are no decks on the Tier List that currently use this card.