The conflict lasted two years before ending in April 2011 in a Pyrrhic victory for humanity. In its new configuration, the SDF-1 is able to repel the attacking Zentraedi forces, although at great cost to Macross City. The arrival of the alien visitor would send ripples through the global society, and bring an end to the war. There were battles being fought inside the countries that were at war. The timeline is mainly meant for our RPG, however I Your mileage may vary. Global Civil War: World War Three (later referred to as The Global Civil War) had two major conflicts occurring at the same time, along with Central America, South America, and Africa embroiled in civil wars. The First Robotech War (Space War I) by Tim Wing (For a full list of sources, please see below.) A large alien spacecraft bursts through hyperspace and enters Earth's atmosphere, crashing on Macross Island in the South Pacific. The religiously neutral 'C.E.' The United Nations declared a Cease Fire between all of the nations of Earth. Product Information. Then it crashed landed on Macross Island. Please note that there are more timelines out there than stars in the sky. 2009 February. ; 1999 August. An alien spaceship crash lands on Earth and the technology and secrets she bears lead Earth into three destructive interplanetary wars. The Robotech Masters, the people who sent the Zentraedi to retrieve their lost ship, arrive in a fleet of gigantic motherships intent on succeeding where their giant soldiers failed. Once again, they try to lead normal lives. and Robotech is a 1/285th scale game. The war was kept a secret to citizens still on the Earth. * Michael Austin joins REF. Robotech: Battlecry is a video game set in the Robotech universe, the first video game successfully released for the franchise. Soldiers fight and die in the Global War ( Robotech: The Macross Saga: " Boobytrap ") The Global War was a period of warfare on Earth during the late-1990s. and 'B.C.E' have been used in the Terran calendars, following the practice in current historical and archaeological circles. Henry J. Gloval attacks and the destroys the Tsiolkovsky in the first use of Robotech reflex weaponry in combat. Moon bases are cut off from Earth. Nova first appears in … ROBOTECH is a sweeping science-fiction anime epic of humans defending their home world against alien domination. In 1999, the United States Navy Carrier battle group was tracking a Russian Sub in the South Pacific. ; The nations of the world, who are engaged in a global war at the time, call a cease-fire to assess the alien threat. Share. For example: Lisa Hayes gave us a nugget more of information when remembering her deceased fiance, Carl/Karl Riber; "He had volunteered for a nonmilitary position at Base Sara during the protracted conclusion of the Global Civil War. In the late '90s, an official backronym was invented by Harmony Gold USA for the term "Veritech:" Variable Engineering and Robotic Integration TECHnology. This statement sets the scene for the entire Robotech saga. The modular transformation destroys much of the city, due to the radical effects on the fortress’s basic structure. Six years had passed since the destruction of the Super Dimensional Fortresses 1 and 2, that final tragedy of the First Robotech War. Second Robotech War (2030-2031) The Earth has barely recovered from the second global civil conflict when a new threat emerges in the form of alien invaders. The author believes the name Global Civil War more accurately describes the nature of these events. Humanity's only hope lay in a corps of untried young men and women gifted with powers they didn't fully understand. Zentraedi follow. The SDF-1 is being hounded by the Zentraedi; Breetai wonders why the SDF-1 hasn't fired its main cannon, and Exedore suggests that they should hit harder. Official launch ceremonies celebrating the maiden voyage of the SDF-1 Macross begin on Macross Island. Macross Saga September 99. This helicopter is believed to be around 40mm. The entire civil war was called off as humanity explored, investigated, and rebuilt "The Visitor" as the ship was called early on. Dr. Emil Lang proposes a radical idea: transform the SDF-1 so it can use its main gun against the Zentraedi. Invid occupation begins. This crash put things into perspective for everyone on Earth. When the humans sent the Robotech Expeditionary Fleet (REF) to get the Robotech Masters to agree to peace with Earth and if not to defeat the Robotech Masters, they discovered that the Robotech Masters were gone. The United States was one of several allied nations fighting in the conflict. Robotech was a great children's show, offering something lacking in television at the time, a realistic look at war (be it via an alien invasion). Macross makes serious mistake in Fold navigation, arriving near Pluto. At the same time an alien ship came out of hyperspace and entered Earth's Atmosphere and flew right over several cities and the Aircraft Carrier USS Kenosha and a fighter squadron led by Roy Fokker. In the months that follow, the citizens pull together and repair the damage. Though certainly it was the climax of the Cold War, it was not the full scale nuclear exchange that many were expecting it to be. When things seemed dire for the crew of the Macross, he worked hard to establish a relationship with Vrlitwhai Kridanik and his forces, going against the main battle theory of military command. Gloval's leadership was crucial during the SDF-1's voyage back to Earth. Dates are certain, in general, to the lowest significant digit. It began in 2009 after an alien race known as the Zentraedi attacked Macross Island in the South Pacific on Earth. TIW Information by Dave Deitrich, Dates are in the following format: the basic order of things happening is the same. The saga is told through the eyes of characters caught up in a series of wars that erupts when a mysterious spacecraft crash-lands on Earth at the turn of the millennium. Edited further by Mike Perry May, 2010 is known to 15 days. While the dates may vary, 1; The Zentradi‘s Vrlitwhai Fleet, led by Commander Breetai, arrives within the Solar System. The Veritech fighter (occasionally misspelled as Varitech) is a fictional fighter aircraft can transform into combat walking machine in Robotech. do think its one of the more complete ones available. Official investigation of the derelict alien spacecraft begins. In 1999, the United States Navy Carrier battle group wa… 2007 Gloval can only guess at how this will affect their attempt to return to Earth. Robotech Global Civil War World War III Eastern Bloc Gunship OXOTHNK - this is the attempt to remake the Attack Helicopter seen in the beginning of Robotech opening scene before the arrival of the alien ship. Created by Carl Macek. Because the conduit connected the main gun to the main furnace was lost when the fold system disappeared. 2033, May 15 * Invid arrive, destroying both UEG and EBSIS. A few of these aircraft survived the Zentraedi Holocaust and were fielded by the RDF as forward command bases during … Robotech Timeline Edit 1999 July Edit. Before all nations came together as the United Earth Government, all Nations were at war with each other. Captain Gloval hesitates because the civilians have finally started to settle down. Rick learns that the VF-1 Valkyries can also fly in space and is given an offer by Roy to try and fly one again, but this also means he must join the military. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. 2007 January U.N. Wars end with the defeat of the main Anti-UN army. A massive alien battle cruiser crashes on Earth in the midst of a bloody global war. With Richard Epcar, Steve Kramer, Tom Wyner, Robert Axelrod. But Earth was on the mend now, and from the wreckage of those ships the Robotech Defense Force had succeeded in fashioning a … City completed within Macross Compiled by Aubry Thonon Edited by Peter Walker 'B.C' systems, respectively. The United States was one of several allied nations fighting in the conflict. When the Zentraedi arrived to reclaim their lost ship, Gloval launched the SDF-1 into the First Robotech War. Prolog and changes to the Robotech Universe. Robotech Global Civil War World War III Eastern Bloc Gunship OXOTHNK - this is the attempt to remake the Attack Helicopter seen in the beginning of Robotech opening scene before the arrival of the alien ship. Throughout the 1990s, the Global War raged across Earth, with entire countries being devastated. It also had some of the best mecha designs, and most importantly introduced many of us to anime. The Tiger's Eye provided the UN SPACY with an airborne command and control post that was used extensively during the Global Civil War. This helicopter is believed to be around 40mm. His experience and calm amid the unbearable tensions made him an inspirational leader for the thousands of soldiers and officers under his command. Captain Gloval attempts a blitzkrieg maneuver to take them past the alien armada. * Second Global Civil War begins. The third Robotech War is fought against the Invid, and the Fourth and final war is fought against another alien race known as the Haydonites. As the SDF-1 battles its way through, Rick Hunter takes part in his official combat duty. The dates correspond exactly to the conventional 'A.D.' 2034, June To raise morale, Lynn Minmei persuades her aunt and uncle to open their Chinese restaurant up in space. Outbreak of First Robotech War between Earth and the Zentraedi. Robotech: The New Generation 1: The Invid Invasion, Robotech Genesis: Legend of Zor 1: The Thirsting, Robotech: Prelude to the Shadow Chronicles 1: The Enemy Within, Robotech: The New Generation: The Invid Invasion, Robotech: The Masters Saga: The Southern Cross, Destruction of 70% of the planets surface. In 1999, during a global civil war, a spaceship exited a space fold and crash landed on Earth. In trying to trace the missing fold system generator, his crew has discovered that its disappearance may have distorted the actual fabric of the space/time continuum. As Rick gets the unsettling information that his new commanding officer is Lisa Hayes, someone he still refers to as “that old sourpuss”, Captain Gloval receives his own bad news. Splinter groups remain and the Anti-UN remains a threat until the end of the First Robotech War. Mar, 2009: ARMD carrier production begins anew. The First Robotech War's roots were laid in 1999 when an massive alien spaceship over 1,200 meters (3,940 feet) in length crash landed on the fictional Macross Island in the South Pacific. Most of the war was a battle fought by the forces of the SDF-1 against various Zentraedi collections, unlike the Second Robotech War, which saw wider participation on the Earth. 12000 BCE is known to within 500 years. - Global Civil War breaks out between the RDF and the Anti-Unification League - Events of Macross Zero (Modified to better fit with Robotech) - Events of The Macross Era - Events of the novel The Zentraedi Rebellion - Launch of the SDF-3 - Events of The Sentinels Begin and continue until the events of Robotech The Shadow Chronicles Before all nations came together as the United Earth Government, all Nations were at war with each other. On Macross Island, Admiral Donald Hayes, Captain Henry Gloval, Lt. Roy Fokker, Dr. Emil Lang, Colonel T. R. Edwards, and a couple Marines were on shore investigating the wreckage of the Alien ship. There were battles being fought inside the countries that were at war. In the chaos that has followed the Second Robotech War, the people of Earth stand divided. The Global Civil War was about to make Humankind extinct, when the stupendous Super Dimensional Fortress dispatched to Earth by a dying alien genius changed all that forever. Global is an old warrior at heart, less to do with the stigma and indignation of a professional soldier, but as someone who looks at the broader perspective of Earth and the SDF-1 Macross' trajectory in history. * Second Global Civil War ends. Earth actual [(REF relative)]. The origins of the First Robotech War are in 1999, when a massive alien spaceship over 1,200 meters (3,940 feet) in length crash-landed on the fictional Macross Island in the South Pacific. The First Robotech War was a devastating war between the Robotech Defense Force of the United Earth Forces and the Zentraedi. UN space destroyer Goddard under the command of Capt. Human race nearly wiped out, Major RDF Victory. ARMD-01, -02, -03, and -10, as well as two Type-1 and four Type-3 Space Destroyers, are destroyed in the initial battles. 2033, September: Invid forces rout last Southern Cross regulars. [citation needed ... At 19 years old, Nova is the youngest and highest ranking female military police officer in the Global Military Police (GMP). Holdovers from the Global Civil War. Robotech Defense Force In the midst of a raging Global War, an alien derelict crashed on a remote, and uninhabitated island in the Pacific. Robotech is a 1/285th scale game. Following the end of Space … The global war officially ends, though the terms are not satisfactory to all parties. In fact their homeworld (Tirol) was now in the hands of the Invid who had destroyed what remained of the Robotech Masters' empire and had conquered Tirol only to learn that the Robotech Masters had already left and taken what remained of their military forces to Earth in an attempt to regai… of the backstory to the SDF-1 crashing onto Macross Island during the Global Civil War: Eternity Comics’ “Robotech Genesis: The Legend of Zor” from 1992 and the DEL REY book “Robotech Genesis” by Jack McKinney published in 1987. The Zentraedi track the SDF-1 to its hiding place in the rings of Saturn. On the bridge, Lisa Hayes comes up with an offensive strategy of her own – the Daedalus maneuver – which allows the SDF-1 to defeat the main Zentraedi destroyer. Robotech Saga Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Rick Hunter decides to join the Robotech Defense Force after all and becomes a Veritech fighter pilot. It was 2020. It includes stuff from the Robotech cartoon(1) and the GMs alterations.