A well placed shot to the head will take down any hog sized animal. Some states may allow a .30 caliber air rifle whereas others limit it to .40 caliber. and…. .22 caliber or larger during any gun deer season in shotgun only areas unless it is unloaded and enclosed within a carrying case. Note: Rifled barreled shotguns and muzzleloaders are not considered rifles for purpose of hunting deer. So, it is always good to be careful. Here is the response I got. A rifle, by definition, fires a single projectile (bullet) through a barrel that spins the bullet, giving better accuracy and efficiency. § 941.20 and Wis. Stat. You may also like: Guide To Hunting Air Rifles Wis. Stat. There are some “air” rifles that can attain up to 700-1300 foot pounds of projectile … There were no such restrictions on rifle hunting in Jefferson County. As mentioned earlier, air guns do not have the same capabilities as conventional deer hunting firearms. than .22 caliber. As we hear from the municipalities we will update this page. I bow hunt because that’s all I can do and unfortunately Wisconsin does not yet allow big bore PCP air rifle hunting otherwise me and my .50 cal would be right out there during gun deer and I wouldn’t even bother worrying about being a convicted felon. Which states allow airgun hunting of anything (rabbits, squirrels and such). However, there are no particular specifications given. The building houses the administrative offices, county jail and juvenile detention. Where hunting is allowed, special hunting grounds may be allocated. After the post the other day concerning air rifle hunting for deer in WI, I emailed the DNR for some help in understanding why air rifles were not deemed permissable in our state. Seems the DNR thinks air rifles are little more than BB guns. Which states allow bigger game hunting with an air rifle (Deer, Bear, Mountain Lion, Bighorn sheep, etc…. : The case of Gerlat v.Christianson, 108 N.W.2d 194 (1961) says that an air gun is a firearm under WI law. § 940.24 both defined "weapon" as a firearm, air gun, knife, or bow and arrow, as defined in Wis. Stat. The head is the best target with an air rifle. Wisconsin Deer Hunting Basics This guide outlines the basics of what you need to know to hunt deer in Wisconsin in 2018. Deer hunting: Bill to allow air bows during archery season makes its way through Legislature The original bill allowed the use of air bows by disabled hunters during archery season for deer… Here you go! So which part of a deer should be aiming at when deer hunting with an air rifle? • It is illegal to hunt deer with any air rifle, rimfire rifle, or any center-fire rifle less. Approximately 70 percent of Dodge County did not allow rifle deer hunting and around half of Waukesha County had a similar rule. A shotgun is normally used to fire a shell filled with pellets, for bird or small game hunting, but the shell can also have a single slug, used in deer hunting. When purchasing a license, proof of hunter education is required for those born on/after Jan. 1, 1973, unless participating in the hunting mentorship Happy hunting! Therefore, shot placement is crucial. There are also restrictions regarding where you can or cannot hunt. Arizona allows air rifles for all (with caliber requirements for larger game), but, Bison and Elk are forbidden to be hunted with air rifles. You can drop buffalo with those things and they are legal for felons to own. Washington Co WI Sheriff's Office is located in West Bend, WI. Now, it is a given that this legal air rifle deer hunting provision is not talking about a .177 BB Red Ryder air rifle. ... 2019 Deer Hunting Season Rifle Ordinances* (This information was last partially updated on October 11, 2018).