(don’t let this description put you off though because the warmth of the tuberose balances this nicely). You’ll be surprised at how versatile and wearable a leather scent is, even in women’s perfume! Inspired by the circus, this imaginative scent brings you back to your childhood with all the wonder and awe under the big top: saddle leather, sawdust from the ring, fur of the lion, and the caramalized smell of candy apples. Often leather notes in scents are reserved for masculine fragrances and colognes, but that’s not the case any more. It's different from Tuscan Leather and I like this one better. Pricing and availability are subject to change. Autotrader said it created the aptly named Eau de New Car after a survey revealed one-fourth of humans linked the scent of a new car with success. A gourmand almond and iris heart imbue textural richness to the luscious leather intensified by floral orris accord. It is my concept of a vampire scent. So girls, I love perfumes that smell like you just got out of shower and had your favorite body wash on. Throughout this development there is a sweet fruitiness that seems to mysteriously linger in the back which fascinates me but I haven’t been able to put my finger on what exactly it is. oud perfume Even before you begin to read the book, the unique smell of it fills your nose. This smell gives me a migraine as I am chemically sensitive. The leather is put together with a warm and … Having a green nuance to a leather fragrance really perks it up and stops it from becoming too heavy or too overwhelming. The effect is … Little wonder it described it as “success in a bottle”. Cuir de Russie is my absolute favourite, I think it smells like a soaped saddle, although I’ve never smelled one. It's a perfume that smells like peaches, roses, orchid, orris and jasmine. It’s got a powerful depth and mystery to it and yet it’s comforting at the same time. Learn more. It has a brown sugar sweetness that eases up after a few minutes and quiets, but it’s fairly linear and simple. It almost smells like a grape soda pop and that entices me to smell my wrist every 20 seconds! Does anyone know any other perfumes that smell like marshmallows? A sophisticated and classic leather scent for those of the more decerning tastes. Whips & Roses by Kerosene. - The Perfume Expert, Dr. Dennis Gross Hydra-Pure Smart Spray Review, Guerlain Maxi Lash WATERPROOF Mascara Review, DIY Hair Toner: How to Fix Brassy Hair and Remove Other Unwanted Red Tones, How your Perfume can Double as an Insect Repellent. 2. The heart of the scent though lies in the cuddly combination of soft Suede, powdery Musk, and cozy Sandalwood. If Cuir Narcotique is the femme fatale of scents, then I miss Violet is the dainty darling! And I miss Violet is no exception. A few months ago, the British online car-trading website, Autotrader, launched a perfume that smells like a new car. I just got a leather jacket from ebay and wooooo weee it smells so very very strongly like perfume, it is a lovely jacket has a nice cut to it and I think it makes me look like a bad ass but how can I look like a bad ass when I smell like a little ol lady at church no offence little ol lady at church your bad ass too ? As it name suggests, it’s a very pure, innocent, soft and fuzzy scent that is comfortable, unpretentious, and cozy. Adjatay Cuir Narcotique is a real black & white kind of fragrance! Tom Ford Ombré Leather Eau de Parfum If you ever get the opportunity to have sex in a brand-new, latest-model Maserati, you better take it — and wear this fragrance for the occasion. Inspired by … Perfume rating 4.47 out of 5 with 146 votes Gourmand Leather 2019 by Zara is a Leather fragrance for men. This leather isn’t a soft powdery suede, instead it’s a shiny  brand new black leather motorcycle jacket that still squeaks when you put it on! 58 comments 99% Upvoted This thread is archived Instead, perfumers use other notes to create a leather facet that gives the impression of leather. But after a few hours the sharpness of the fragrance has dissipated and powdery Heliotrope and Jasmine seem to smooth it out into a cozy dry-down. Exploring more of the butter soft nubuck of leathers or fuzzy suede, these notes have found their way into women’s perfumes and are surprisingly feminine! This perfume smells like an expensive hotel lobby in the best way. //